Missionaries Move into Montreal Jewish Community

Particularly targeting Chabad

A few days before the Jewish High Holidays, Montreal’s Lubavitch leadership warned the community that there may be Christian missionaries in their midst.

In an email to the community, the Chabad leader warned:

“You may have noticed that a family that dresses as observant Jews has moved into the neighborhood a few months ago…The father and the boy have engaged in discussions with children and adult members of the Community…While they do not claim to be Jewish, they strongly praise Jewish ways and disclaim Christianity…However, it has been determined from talking to them that they belong to a messianic group that likely aims to expose (and possibly attract) Yidden to Christianity using false references from Tanach…”

David and Rivkah Costello – Christian missionaries
dressed and acted like Orthodox Jews in Chicago.

The Chabad leader advised his community to “not engage them in discussion or debate; that is all they would be looking for. Likewisse, zealous acts can be counterproductive.”

Some radical Christian missionaries have been known to portray Jews and infiltrate religious communities in order to “save” the Jews and convert them to Christianity. The last known case occurred last year in Chicago where a family was exposed and fled town.

The email pointed out that the father wears a yarmulke, tzizis and has a beard, while his wife wears a tichel (head covering). Their children dress as if they are orthodox Jews.

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